BarrelMover 5000

BarrelMover 5000 easily mounts to any truck by removing existing tow hooks and replacing them with the BarrelMover 5000 mounting brackets. Now you can set up or remove a lane closure from the safety of a truck, keeping employees away from moving traffic. Here is how it works!

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Barrel Mover 5000

Why Barrel Mover 5000?


​​One operator can do the work of 3-4 employees, SAFELY, in less than 80% of the time using the BarrelMover 5000. Saving money on your traffic control will also keep you competitive when bidding on new projects.

Men standing in front of a truck on the side of the road


Construction workers involved in setting up or removing lane closures are increasingly faced with distracted motorists. Daily news reports of automobile accidents involving drug/alcohol or cell phone distractions put everyone at risk. Minimize that risk with BarrelMover 5000.

Barrel Mover 500


BarrelMover 5000 can pay for itself within one week by allowing you to stay productive in the work zone longer each shift. Taking down a multi-mile lane closure can take upwards of an hour or more with your workforce on foot. Now you can cut the removal time in half and increase your billable items.

Barrel Moveer 5000